Fat splitting

The plant offered is versatile and all types of fats, oils and acid oils can be split. The plant consists of two or three Autoclaves wherein the water and fat move in counter current flow. 95% to 97% splitting and a glycerine concentration in the sweet water of 6% to 16% can be achieved in this plant depending on the quality of the raw material processed.

This plant has the following advantages:

> Ease of Installation and operation
> Low/No maintenance
> Flexibility of operation

Raw materials should undergo treatment depending on the quality and the end product desired. Good grade raw material can be processed directly without treatment.

Raw material passes through the filter and is pumped to the autoclave by a High Pressure Pump through a Heat Exchanger where the temperature is brought close to the splitting temperature. Process water collected in the Hot Water Tank is sent to the autoclave by a High Pressure Water Pump through a Water Heat Exchanger where the water at a pressure of around 30kg per cm. sq. is brought to the desired temperature.

Stearic acid is kept in molten condition at around 60°C to 70°C in the Feed Tank from where by gravity it is fed to the Flaker. Cooling water at 32 °C from the cooling tower is circulated through the flaker to keep it at a temperature below 40°C. Stearic acid solidifies in the Drum which is kept in rotation and the flakes are collected and bagged.