Bakery shortening or Emulsifier-type shortening is hydrogenated shortening to which an emulsifying agent has been added. This gives the shortening exceptional ability to blend with other ingredients.

It is especially formulated to contribute a crumbly, crusty and flaky texture and firm enough to support the weight of the fillings as used in making of cream sandwich cookies, decorative creaming pastries and other bakery products.

MECPRO provides the Shortening Plant capable of producing up to 1000 kg/hour after cooling from an inlet temperature of 450c to 23/250c which would be suitable for semi-liquid filling into cans. The capacity of such plants largely depends upon product formulations and inlet temperature of the product to be processed.

In this process quick solidification & subsequent crystallization function requires careful control. Normally it follows below path:

Generally 8-12% Nitrogen or air is introduced in chilled product, to improve shortening textural appearance & colour. Stabilize it by making it more homogenous& improve its creaming properties by contributing gas to expand dough & batter for subsequent baking operations.


Margarine is a plastic fat food product containing 80 % Edible fat, 20 % Aqueous phase (especially cultured Skim Milk), also Salt, Vitamin, Food colouring and other additives.

Aqueous phase provides an excellent growth media for harmful bacteria. So, it must be carefully prepared & sterilized for proper blending in the tanks which are jacketed by hot water media.

Depending on the undergone processes the final product is named like Table Margarine, Tube filled Margarine, Puff pastry Margarine etc.


The Plant consists of the following processes:

  • Essess Processor - Heat transfer cylinder assembly
  • Crystal Distribution cum Stabilizer
  • Triplex Plunger Reciprocating Pump
  • Nitrogen Gas Purging System
  • Interconnecting Product Pipeline
  • Control Panel

    Two numbers of interconnected Essess Processor consisting of a single horizontal heat transfer cylinder assembly mounted on an open frame. The cylinder is jacketed and lagged for use with glycol solution. There movable heat transfer cylinder will be internally hard chrome plated. The Essess Processor shaft is concentrically mounted within the cylinder and has four diametrically opposed rows of floating type scraper blades and is driven by suitable motor hose proof to IP55 standard via belts and pulleys suitably guarded.

    All the product contact parts are made of Stainless Steel AISI 304 materials. The scraping blades, seal parts and 'O' rings will be compatible with the product. The frame and the external product non-contact parts are in Carbon Steel and finished painted with metallic paint.

    Essess Processor chilling jacket is suitably insulated for eliminating heat loss and cladded with stainless steel sheets for maintaining utmost hygiene.